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Sam Earle looks like Jude Lizowski

Jude Lizowski || 16 || In a relationship || FC: Sam Earle || Taken

Starting ship: Jude/Nebula Endgame ship: Jude/Nebula

Jude is easygoing teenager with a knack for extreme sports. A free spirit, Jude loves to pull pranks with his best friend, Jonesy. He is not a particularly good student, and was on the verge of failing the majority of his classes at one point in time, even though he has an IQ of 175.Jude is also Jewish.

Jude is employed in the Galleria Shopping Mall at the game store. He previously worked as the manager of Stick-It, but the store was shut down by mall security after customers began complaining about his lack of cleanliness when preparing their meals (one found a cockroach in a kebab that he ordered and Jude admitted that he goes by the “three second rule”). Ron, in charge of investigating Stick-It, also discovered that Jude hadn’t cleaned the place the entire year he was in charge, as Jude thought someone else was supposed to do that. After that, he started working as a cashier at Underground Videos (Alongside Wyatt Williams for a while until he got fired for accidentally tripping and spilling his coffee all over Wayne’s rare VHS tape), but got fired after being banned from the mall forever by Ron for driving a Zamboni through the mall. While working there, Jude was the only one of the gang who actually viewed his employer, Wayne as an actual friend, while the other five despised him. However, Jude began working as the Zamboni driver at the ice rink after Bruno, the previous Zamboni driver, retired (meaning his expulsion from the mall was lifted), but he got fired after he accidentally hit the Zamboni lever, which made it drive through the mall with Jen’s new baby sister, Emma Jr., on board. Jude now works at EB games even though he wants to work at North Shore Surf and Skate Shop, but wasn’t hired because of a bad interview.

Jude is easily excited and unpredictable. On the surface, he does not appear to take anything seriously, but finds unique ways of dealing with everyday problems. He tends to approach things at a slow, suitable pace, and gives names to inanimate objects that he cherishes, such as his skateboard, “Sally”. Jonesy describes him as one who “takes weird to a whole new level”. Jude enjoys skateboarding and fountain diving. He listens to rock music, and is a fan of the Mighty Weasels band and hockey. Also, Jude has a peace symbol tattooed to his left butt cheek. While speaking to people, Jude usually addresses them as “dude” or “bro” in reference to males, and “dudette” or “brah” in reference to females or calling everyone as a whole “dudes”.

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